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Latest release
  • ippersonality-20020427-2.4.18.tar.gz

    This release adds new manglings to fool latest versions of nmap (2.54BETA), and has lots of code improvement.

    It contains patches for Linux 2.4.18 and iptables 1.2.2. Please note that this code is still under development.
    Refer to the INSTALL file in the package and the provided documentation for installation and operation instructions.

  • osdet-0.4-nmap-2.54BETA27.tar.gz

    This is a little tool based on nmap and tcpdump that can be used for testing purposes. It performs sequential fingerprint testing and dumps every packet that it sends or receives. Requires nmap-2.54BETA27 sources (available here).

The project is being hosted on SourceForge which provides all the developer facilities (project page).SourceForge Logo