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For those of you who love being on the bleeding edge, you can run the latest development code by extracting it from the CVS. For that to work, you need to have the same kernel/iptables that the current CVS tree is using (you can check this by having a look at file tags through the CVS browser). To be honest, our cvs is not so bleeding edge anymore. You will soon be able to pull IP Personality from a bitkeeper tree somewhere on the net. Meanwhile you can check for updates in our patches section.

In order to use the CVS, you need to log in to the anonymous repository as follows:

  • First set the CVSROOT:
      $ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.ippersonality.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ippersonality
  • Then login (no password, just press enter):
      $ cvs login
      (Logging in to anonymous@cvs.ippersonality.sourceforge.net)
      CVS password:

There are two ways to use the CVS directly:

  • Either by checking out the patched trees over regular trees. This has the advantage that you can run a cvs update in the checkouted trees to keep up to date but it needs more bandwith. This can be performed with the following steps :
    • Checkout the patched kernel source subtrees:
          $ cd /path/to/linux-kernel/
          $ rm -fr net/
          $ cvs -z3 co net
          $ cd include/
          $ rm -fr linux/netfilter_ipv4/
          $ cvs -z3 co linux/netfilter_ipv4
    • Checkout the patched iptables:
          $ cvs co iptables
  • Or by building patches, which needs less bandwith:
    • Checkout the mkpatch script from the misc directory, or download it from here.
    • Run it as follows to get a patch for kernel version 2.4.18 :
          $ sh mkpatch -z3 rdiff -lu -rLinux-2_4_18 -rHEAD> ippersonality-2.4.18.diff
    • To get an iptables version 1.2.2 patch, just run:
          $ cvs -z3 rdiff -u -riptables-1_2_2 -rHEAD iptables> iptables-1.2.2.diff

Bug reports / Patches

You have found a bug ? Or even better, you want to send us a nice patch ? Then use one of these links:

Mailing lists

If you want to contact us, use the developement list. If you want to contribute to the projet, we strongly encourage you to subscribe to the list.

If you want to track ippersonality development you can also subscribe to the checkins mailing-list to receive commit summaries.

The project is being hosted on SourceForge which provides all the developer facilities (project page).SourceForge Logo